Visa / Entry

Citizens of the EU / EFTA only need to bring a valid passport and do not need a visa for stays shorter than 3 months. For all other areas and for current visa-information, please contact the Swiss Consulate General located nearest to you.

List of Representations of Switzerland:


The points of arrival are Zürich Main Station and Zürich Airport (ZRH). Your guide will pick you up there. Leaders may decide whether they want to go to their hotel in Zürich Oerlikon first or accompany the contestants and deputy leader to the youth hostel in Zürich Wollishofen.


In Switzerland, the weather in April is known to be very variable, even within hours. So please be prepared for any kind of weather and temperature: Freezing or 20 degrees Celsius, heavy rain or sunshine. On average, the highest daily temperature in April is 14.3 degrees Celsius.


We recommend to bring:

  • good shoes
  • sun protection
  • rain protection
  • thick clothing
  • swim suit
  • towel

Water Quality

Tap water has the same quality as bottled water and thus is perfectly safe to drink.


The voltage and frequency in Switzerland is 230V/50 Hz. Type C (2-pin, unearthed) and the rather uncommon Type J (3-pin, earthed) sockets are available. (Type C 2-pin Europlugs also fit into J sockets).


Switzerland uses Swiss francs (CHF). ATMs and banks to exchange money are widely available, but fees might be smaller in your home country.