We planned a few day trips for you.


The mountain Rigi, also known as the Queen of the Mountains, is located in central Switzerland and its highest point is 1797.5 meters above sea level. Surrounded by three lakes, it can be ascended by rack railway, cable car or foot. It is part of the most north-west line of the Alps, thus one can see the Swiss Plateau as well as the Alps from its top.
You are advised to bring sensible shoes, no high heels!


The zoo of Zürich opened in 1929. By now, it is home to over 350 different species. One of its main attractions is the tropical Masoala rainforest. It's situated in a hall of 11,000 square meters and is a home to many species including lemurs and fruit bats. Of course, you can discover many more animals from the size of elephants to the size of mice and beyond in this and other parts of the zoo.


Üetliberg is the landmark mountain of Zürich. It raises 871 meters above sea level whereas the lake of Zürich is about 406 meters above sea level. It is a nice place to enjoy the view over the city center, the lake of Zurich and neighbouring villages. There are many hiking paths for energetic people.