We warmly welcome you to the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad EGMO 2017 in Zurich! Find up-to-date news in our News section as well as on our Facebook page.

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) is an international competition in mathematics. The EGMO addresses female high school students whose commitment to mathematics goes beyond the usual school curriculum. Since 2012, the EGMO is held each year in a different country. From April 6th to April 12th it will take place in Zürich, Switzerland, hosted by imosuisse, the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad.

The EGMO is the only international Science Olympiad, which addresses exclusively women as contestants. As such it is an additional opportunity for the participating countries to gain female students for participation in national Mathematical Olympiads, and thus to counteract the low proportion of women. The long term goal of the EGMO is to raise the proportion of female students in the participating teams of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

The further goals of the EGMO are versatile. The EGMO promotes young scientists, but also supports the social, cultural and interdisciplinary exchange between adolescents of the European countries in a stimulating and cosmopolitan environment.

To participate at the EGMO, the students have to qualify at the respective national competition. Together with their advisors the students form the respective national delegation.


Regulations (pdf)